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VSA Capital
AQSE Apex Index

Aquis Index Weekly Update 110324.png

VSA Capital is a registered Corporate Adviser with over 10 years of experience in the AQSE Growth Market and its predecessors.

Since the acquisition of the exchange by Aquis Exchange PLC, VSA has been a strong proponent of the innovations undertaken to make the AQSE a more competitive challenger exchange to the LSE. With an expanding list of exciting growth companies quoted on the Apex segment of the AQSE, VSA Capital believes now is the right time to begin to track the performance of this group of companies.

The aim of the VSA Capital AQSE Apex Index is to track performance of Apex stocks and raise the profile of the market in general and of its constituent companies in particular.

Our market cap weighted index, created by VSA Capital and approved by AQSE, comprises the companies quoted on the Apex segment of the market, which covers a wide range of sectors including leisure, consumer brands, natural resources, transitional energy, healthcare, cryptocurrency, real estate and financials. We routinely rebalance the index and for more details on its construction and maintenance please click to view the regulatory document.

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