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Fixed Income Asset
Management Services

VSA Capital offers Fixed Income Asset Management Services to its clients.

With the use of internally generated models and relative value analysis, we are able to identify the best risk/reward opportunities for our clients.

We focus on pure vanilla corporate bonds, high yield bonds and government debt/rates in EUR, USD, and GBP. Geographic areas covered are Europe, USA, Emerging Markets, MENA region and Asia.

Our Team has extensive experience in dealing in the Fixed Income OTC (over the counter) markets where we believe we have a competitive advantage for best execution of the firm’s strategies.

VSA has a dedicated team that follow various roadshows in the fixed income space globally. This gives us the opportunity to provide unique insight on potential investments to help us make informed and constructive decisions on behalf of our clients.


For more information contact:


Senior Asset Manager


Michael Stannard

Senior Asset Manager


John Matjilla

Senior Asset Manager

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