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Corporate Broking Services

VSA Capital provides advice to companies at all stages of development on how best to achieve their goals.

This is undertaken via an integrated approach encompassing corporate finance, research, sales and distribution.

As well as the traditional listed corporate broking approach the enormous rise in private equity as a source of funding has led many companies to stay private longer.  This means that in addition to supporting listed companies we have adapted our approach to suit the differing funding needs of private companies. 

Fists in Solidarity

Sales & Research

VSA Capital produces high quality research distributed widely to our extensive and diverse investor network. In addition, to secondary research, we also produce pre-IPO, deal related, thematic and macro research keeping potential investors and existing shareholders up to date with corporate and sector developments. Our research team has deep experience of their respective sectors and are frequently quoted in the media for expert insight.

Given their extensive network our sales team can connect corporates to new investors and support existing shareholders through deal and non deal roadshows, timely investor feedback and relevant market information.

For more information contact:


Chief Executive Officer


Ollie O'Donnell

Head of Research

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