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The new "reading corner"

It’s been a while since blogging last! But it’s all happening this year we promise … Kitchens and bathrooms being sourced and planning underway for lots of progress – hopefully!

In the meantime, I finally got around to doing something with the uninspiring space where the old porch used to be … I filled and put up some nice wall baskets, hung an outdoor clock, moved in a few flower and plant pots and a dark brown bench now turned blue! I Love this colour for outdoor furniture .. it’s “Forget-me-not” by Cuprinol

which hopefully will make the bench last a few years as well as looking good .. I love the Cuprinol slogan “Cheer it up” .. it certainly did for this dark brown bench!

 I romantically envisage this will be “The Reading Corner” .. like I have any time for reading, there’s renovating to be done!


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