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Dated to Dazzling!

The downstairs floor (Kitchen, new dining room and downstairs hall and loo) is nearly all painted and finally got round to posting some proper “before and afters”!

BEFORE – the old wall was cutting the kitchen in half and stopping it from realising its true potential!

AFTER – Bright, airy and bigger with a central island around which life seems to centre!


BEFORE – the cupboard against the door and table made the kitchen entrance uncomfortably cramped.

AFTER – Removing the door and door frame and adding rounded corner units to the entrance all open up the space and help create a walk through to the new dining room next door.


BEFORE – the old wall and the window into the stairwell forced the dark units to encroach into the room.

AFTER – By removing the wall and blocking in the window into the stairwell, all the units are now against the outer walls of the kitchen and it all feels so much bigger!



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