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When is a wall a door? When it's going to be a window of course!

Once upon a time (yesterday) we had a wall.

And then (with a little bit of effort,) we found the “secret door” 

(buried under the decoration for 25 years or so …)

And then, after the nice men from crittall installations came and went, we had a lovely new sash window …

And another new sash to keep it company!

You can see that the new sashes live in perfect harmony with the old ones! All “the glory” of their Victorian counterparts, with ease of opening, ease of cleaning, and no need for continuous painting!

Of course there is still a little brickwork required! (And a remaining thin slice of wall from the old porch to be removed.) But that’s a job for this afternoon … Then phase 1 of “Operation Brand New Kitchen” will be completed.

Now where’s that sledge hammer? There’s a few walls to come tumbling down …


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