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The day the old porch came down!!


It’s gone! We have been having a break in renovations of late, due to family weddings and busy work schedules, but with the new sash windows now on order, time had come to remove the old beast from the back of the house.

We already removed the old glass panes last weekend, so the rest .. as you can see from this video .. was easy .. it only took a few minutes!

The porch, which was added in the late 1960s, used to be the entrance for the downstairs flat. When Fairlea became one house again, some time in the 1980s, the old door was (badly) boarded up and the old porch became a shed! But it’s time had come! It practically fell down, (with our help!)

Now, we can see the full width of the back of our lower ground floor for the first time, and we can see that this old porch door was indeed the ORIGINAL old doorway (evidenced by the original low lintel) .. so we are now even more confused as you can see that a door on the opposite side has also been bricked up sometime in the past! How come Fairlea had 2 doors going onto the garden? Further research is required!


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