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The Chocolate Teapot ..

The dining room is looking smart in its coat of new paint. And yesterday, when out at the local and extensive (I am being sarcastic) selection of local Crowborough shops .. I found my first “new old” item that simply had to be purchased for display when the room is finally finished.

Some weeks ago … in the charity furniture shop .. when my face connected with its face, it was love at first sight. It looked at me and I looked back and I told it … “I am going to have you for my new dining room”. However then came the price tag …£30 .. in other words ..  a 5 litre tin of Dulux Endurance (special mixed colour ivory cream 4) or .. 3 metres of reclaimed floorboards from Ajeer … or enough slate look tiles, some grey grout and tile adhesive (from Pentagon tiles – Crowborough) to tile round the fireplace .

But then came the reduction and at half price, I resisted its stern expressions for several more visits. Until yesterday when it leapt into my possession and I found I had parted with £15 for it. What more could you want, a clock that neither ticks not chimes (yet).

This is my very own chocolate teapot – but I love it dearly!


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