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My Victorian House? Or is it …

Oh dear ..

We may have to change our blog name and only 3 posts in! And all, thanks to the image below:

Which we found on the very interesting website of the Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex which has a wealth of old postcards and photographs of villages and towns of the Weald. The photograph (see the original on the Wealds site) was a postcard photographed by A.H. Homewood of Burgess Hill in 1907.

However … there is one major problem with the image above. Our house, reputedly built in 1900 is not in it! It takes some studying as one cannot replicate the lens or equipment of A.H. Homewood with a modern digital SLR camera, but after much studying and hoping that the house would somehow materialise, we have faced the fact that .. it isn’t there:

If you look at the first high chimney on the right hand side and look above to Homewood’s photograph, you can see the same tall chimneys, but right behind it where the solid smaller chimney and plain red brick frontage of “Our Victorian House” should be, it’s just thin air.

Determined to validate all sources, we on the case of seeing if we can establish 1907 is a publication date, perhaps Homewood took the picture several years before? We’re also on the case of finding the original building plans, which should give us a build date.

Stay tuned, we might relocating shortly to … But we will still be online with renovating tales, even if it is for a (somewhat) newer house.


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