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Kitchen renovation well underway!

It’s been a messy few weeks! 

The old kitchen dated from the late 1980s/early 1990s (we think) and was long past its sell by date! Here are some “before” and “in progress” photos:



Here you can see that the non-retaining brick wall (part of the old loo which was accessed from the outside in Victorian times) has been removed and in the picture below the end of the old shower wall with its black and white tiles is still visible as they hadn’t taken it out yet (anyone for a shower while cooking!)

During, a bit later on! And now some new units are going in!

So with the removal of the non-retaining wall, this silly alcove below has gone!

 Before :


All the lovely red units have gone! And behind the non retaining brick wall and shower, the archway to the downstairs loo has now been bricked up. 

The Shower wall is in process of being removed in the pic below:

During, a bit later on! and more lovely new units going in …


During:More units gone and tiles being removed:


During: And yet more units and tiles off! Great Fun!

During, a bit later on! And more lovely new units going in …  

And finally below is a view of our blocked up “strange window”

into the kitchen looking from the other side.

Although this odd window did lend some light to the hallway, we decided it had to go as it was forcing us into strange kitchen unit layout decisions!

The kids will miss the window though, they loved looking through it at whoever was in the kitchen!

  Stay tuned for the final result – See the design from Howdens!


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