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"Fairlea" Nice Floorboards!

Having spent the last 2 weekends painting, and with “Dining room Dave” back this week putting up the picture rail and coving and starting the sanding .. this is what our dining room looks like now:

Transplanting some pieces of architrave from other areas of the house (that will eventually be changed anyway) Dave has mended the “wounded” windows so they are complete once more:

I didn’t want “standard” modern coving, but something more in keeping with the house. We got some small Victorian cornice from Bonds Plaster Mouldings. It looks lovely, but as Dave soon found out, is extremely fragile, heavy and much more difficult to fit than the likes of the more modern coving from places such as B and Q and Homebase! Still … it’s up now, a bit of filling and a final top coat and it will look lovely.

Possibly the room never had a picture rail originally, but we think that it helps balance the rooms proportions and adds interest. We have used Dulux Chalky Downs 4 for the wall above the picture rail (and it will be used for the skirtings also) and Dulux subtle Ivory 1 from their Taylor Made Colour Range

Because of the line of windows, a mass of curtains, especially when pulled back could look “busy”. The current plan is to join in on the current trend for roman blinds and this fabric is planned – rattan linen from 247 Blinds.

Dining Room Dave should finish the sanding today and then there is the small matter of the 2 lines of adhesive that even the hardest grade of sandpaper won’t remove! It’s either old lino glue or double-sided carpet tape. Have checked out many sites and people have suggested all manner of ways to remove this stuff .. from heat guns to peanut butter! Going to start by seeing what our local Crowborough hardware supplier T and T have in the way of off-the-shelf adhesive removers. Will let you know what gets it off!

Then there is at least a weekend of varnishing ahead. Planning on using Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor varnish and at least 4 coats. As with any DIY project, there is still a multitude of little jobs left to finish, but there is “light at the end of the dining room” .. and yes, it’s probably coming through those old sash windows now that the room is “loved again” …

This level of mess (thankfully) seems a while ago now … for this room at least. (One room nearly down, only another 7 rooms, 3 hallways, 1 porch and a garden landscaping to go!!)


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