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Central Asia Metals


Base metals producer owning and operating 100% of Kounrad and Sasa sites in Kazakhstan and North Macedonia, respectively


  • Kounrad is an in-situ dump leach site near the city of Balkhash in central Kazakhstan producing copper through a SX-EW recovery plant.​

  • Sasa is an underground operating zinc-lead mine located in the Osogovo Mountains of North Macedonia.

  • Following a holistic review of the Sasa operation the decision was made in 2020 to adjust the mining method to improve recoveries, reduce costs and enable higher mill throughput of 900kt, a 6% increase.

  • The four year transition to cut and fill from long hole stoping will commence in 2022 although early works have commenced on the paste plant.

  • Cut and Fill reduces dilution, is safer and reduces the need for surface tailings storage and therefore the mines impact on the environment and need for capital spending on future tailings storage facilities.

  • In 2021 CAML signed a deal for renewable power generation at Sasa and has commissioned a study into solar power at Kounrad.

  • Commitment to robust corporate governance principles and minimizing environmental impacts


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