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Conference 2020

We had a full room in Beijing with 80 investors at the event itself while those based elsewhere in China logged in to view the presentations and interactive sessions online. 117 investors attended the online session in total of which 39 were based in China taking the attendance to a total of 197 which bodes well for the future of the Club as 9 九 sounds just like 久 (jiǔ), which means “long lasting” and “eternity” in Chinese while seven is also seen as a lucky number for relationships and we could not have successfully completed the event without our partners at Mining Indaba, Koala Mining and Moshe Capital.

Investors listened to presentations from Hanking Group, Huayou Cobalt and Zhaojin Mining in Session 1 before our hybrid online event commenced where investors from the floor in Beijing and around the world were able to ask questions directly to the presenters streamed online. Questions from the floor were translated in real time and online questions submitted online and read out by our moderators Andrew Monk (VSA Capital), Mametja Moshe (Moshe Capital) and Kael O’Sullivan (Mining Indaba / Hyve Group).

The videos were recorded primarily to educate investors attending in person ahead of the Q&A sessions. They were shown on televisions outside the conference hall. However, the event created a buzz on Twitter too with the videos released there also available to investors around the world. These are hosted on Youtube for the rest of the world and Tencent for China. This certainly benefitted some of our members, with Mkango Resources the top performer on AIM for the day +43% and then up 63% in Canada while AQSE listed Tectonic Gold closed up 25% on the preceding day’s close.

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